Europeans and Native Americans in America

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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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Europeans and Native Americans in America
Wars between Native Americans and Europeans with Americans have had quite a few similarities. In many of the different conflicts between American’s and the Europeans, the Europeans have almost always had Native American allies. This has created quite a difficulty between the American’s and the Europeans and Native Americans. American citizens often were more brutal and less professional when it came to war. Therefore, many of the Indians wanted to side with those on the other side of the colonists, or American’s. Essentially, most of the battles that were forged at this time were usually when the American’s wanted to expand, and move westward toward Native American land, which caused a lot of rage between the two. Throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, many Europeans had established sites in America, where they could claim land and right by discovery.

Native American’s have struggled for a long time with the American’s. Also, when the colonists had first left Britain, they had caused some issues with Europe in the process. However, in both situations, Native American’s and Britain sought for revenge against the American colonists. The Native American’s were scared due to the ways in which these colonists fought, due to the brutality and lack of professionalism when the colonists went to battle. On the other hand, Britain had an issue with the colonists due to the fact that they had left Britain in the first place, and were defying the laws of the King, who wanted control of the colonists and their colonies in which they had established.

The real issue at hand was the fact that the Native Americans wanted to maintain their land and their lifestyle, without any type of disturbances. While the British, on the other hand, wanted to gain territory in the newly established America. Both Britain and the Native American’s sought revenge on the American’s, which often was a failed cause. During the French and...
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