European Union

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Department of Marketing

Marketing 445 – Spring 2013 Due: Feb 20, 2013 Instructor: Dr. Irene Lange

I. General Information

1. What are the goals of the European Union (EU) and what is its total membership? Briefly discuss one of the financial issues under discussion.

* The primary function of the European Union was to unify nations which were crippled from World War II. The E.U. also aims to bring together countries who are financially interdependent on each other. * The European Union is currently made up of 27 member nations. * Aim to reduce roughly 80 percent of carbon emissions by 2050. * A recent financial issue of major concern was the disbursement of close to €39.5 billion to aid the Spanish government, which needed to maintain the long term security of its investment banking sector, and the crash of the real estate market.

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2. Use a company and describe at least 2 of its market entry strategies internationally (e.g. exporting, licensing, joint ventures, etc.). Is it a global company? Why?

* RFaxis Inc., an Irvine, CA based semiconductor startup company, opened a branch office in Taipei, Taiwan. It’s main market entry...