European History Study Guide Chapter 29

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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Who was the loser of the Franco-Prussian war in 1871?| France| France was forced to pay an indemnity and give up what portion of its territories?| Alsace-Lorraine| What was traditionally the weakest of the Great Powers?| Prussia-Germany| After 1871, Bismarck repeatedly referred to Germany as a _______ power.| Satisfied| What was the “sick man of Europe”?| Ottoman Empire|

The three Emperor’s league linked what 3 monarchs?| Austria-Hungary, Germany, Russia| What made up the Triple alliance?| Italy, Germany, and Austria| What did Bismarck substitute for the alliance of the three emperors that promised neutrality if the other was attacked?| Russian-German Reassurance Treaty| What young impetuous emperor dismissed Bismarck?| William II| T/F William adamantly refused to renew the Russian-German Reassurance Treaty.| True | In 1891 on the St. Petersburg harbor, Alexander stood on a French battleship while a bland played what song?| Marseillaise | Long content with splendid isolation and no alliances, what country was the only uncommitted Great power after 1891?| Britain | Britons felt a natural alliance with what country?| Germany| What war between Britain and the dutch republics of southern Africa had a major impact on British policy?| Boers war| Britain first improved its relations with the United states and then concluded a formal alliance with which country?| Japan| Who felt jealous of Britain and France’s alliance?| Germany| Germany focused mainly on the question of what area?| Morocco| What conference of 1906 was called on the Moroccan question?| Algeciras Conference| What country agreed to settle its quarrels with Britain in Persia and Central asia?| Russia| What was the name of this treaty?| Anglo-Russian Agreement| Who led the German Nationalists and saw a large navy as a source of pride and patriotic unity?| Admiral Alfred Von Tirpitz| What british leader saw a navy as a military challenge?| David...
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