European Colonization and African American Development

Topics: Colonialism, Slavery, Africa Pages: 3 (943 words) Published: October 29, 2012
European Colonization and African American Development
During the period of 1885-1905, as Africa was divided into 55 small states, an era of economic tug-of-war between the British and the French known as “The Scramble for Africa” became the target of prosperity. While campaigned to end slavery and all affiliations with the slave trade, this method of colonial rule not only effectively controlled various territories, but also altered the lives of indigenous African people. Through tactics of indirect and direct control performed by the Europeans, land was seized in the midst of turmoil between the opposing parties as imperialism was established in the continent of profitable resources. As a significant and major impairment in the development of African society, colonialism served as a subversive awakening that introduced selfish motives though the captivity of others. By implying acts of capitalism for substantial financial growth and territorial acquisition, nation building was attempted by the Europeans, but inevitably lead to the rise of African independence.

Being that imperialism was thought to have initially positive motives, one can properly conclude that the puppetry of African Americans was a result of false information that they were given. Europeans were viewed as saviors who were supposed to bring salvation to Africans, while curing diseases and spreading beneficial civilization. Instead, they conquered and established various nations through colonialism and proceeded with methods of mental brainwashing as an aid in their plight for economic expansion. As depicted in the film The Magnificent African Cake, Africans tried to resist colonialism through peace offerings by free usage of religion, but in response had their leader exiled for the suggestion. Europeans always triumphed in rebellions because they had stronger weapons, leaving weaker tribes conquered and forced to abide by their rulings. Africans were tricked into labor in order to live a...
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