Europe, United in Its Diversity: Essay Outline

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  • Published : June 19, 2011
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Essay Plan


Tutor : Kate Barclay

We take regions such as ‘Europe’, ‘Asia’, and ‘the Americas’ for granted in everyday conversation, but the boundaries delineating these regions are far from clear. Pick one region and discuss factors that bind it together as well as factors that work against unity.



The term 'Europe' has gradually developed throughout History, which makes it hard to define it. One geographical definition could be : 'A continent of the northern hemisphere, separated from Africa to the south by the Mediterranean Sea and from Asia to the east roughly by the Bosporus, the Caucasus Mountains, and the Ural Mountains. Europe contains approximately 20 per cent of the world's population.' (Oxford Dictionary).

Europe is a continent that we can define as united in its diversity. By studying different factors that define Europe and some actual issues the region is facing, we will be able to know if Europe is as united as it seems to be.


The Idea of Europe : four cardinal virtues : Roman law, Christian Piety and humanist recognition, Liberalism and Enlightenment Reason. (Amin, A. 2004. p 2)

The term 'Europe' used in a geopolitically limiting way, to refer only to the European Union or, even more exclusively, a culturally defined core.

The political implications of a European voice as opposed to the needs of each country being addressed individually.

The issue of immigration : should there be one voice as well or should each country have its own rules and laws ?

Border security : tourists and nationals can move effortlessly between European nations : does this pose a risk to a country' s security?

Does the Euro help or strip nations of their ability to trade produce effectively ?

Does one European country have a monopoly on the political decisions of the countries that have the euro? Do their decisions affect the social policies of...
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