Topics: Ethics, Happiness, Soul Pages: 3 (898 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Eudemonia is the state of one being healthy, prosperous and happy. This is the state of one feeling contented with the environment and such a person is not in the state of discomfort. There are different views that used in the expression of the above state. They include the Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and finally the Epicurus. The discussion will dwell on the concept of the Socrates. According to the Socrates view, it has the notion that virtue is very vital for one to claim that one has eudemonia. Virtues such as justice, courage, wisdom, self control, piety among other traits of soul and mind should be fulfilled for one to clam that one is living a eudemonic life. The virtues are what guarantee a good and happy life. Socrates view greatly disagrees with the other notions that a happy life that is, eudemonic life has to do with the pleasure or honor. The view greatly criticized the Athenians for instance, the accumulation of riches and gaining of honors at the expense of caring for their souls. Athens at the time was a city of riches and wisdom but the dwellers continued to make more riches. The dwellers neglected their own internal affairs. The view outlines that individuals should care for their souls which is the same as saying that they should take caution of the virtues. Life is not worth living if the soul and the virtues are not taken care of that is, the soul is tremendously ruined by the wrong acts. This view has the greatest concern for the soul as the genesis of all the happiness that one can have and thus the person is termed as being eudemonic person.

The argument behind is that happiness or the eudemonic state commences with a person’s body. What one satisfies in order to be happy is the soul and the external world. Eudemonic life calls for the soul to be attended. The body of person requires the best attention as failure to do so is what makes the body to respond negatively to the external and internal environment. The body has...
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