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European Union
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"EU" redirects here. For other uses, see EU (disambiguation). European Union[show]|
Motto: United in diversity[1][2][3]|
Anthem: Ode to Joy  | Anthem of the European UnionOde to Joy[2] (orchestral)|
Political centres| Brussels
Official languages| 23[show]|
Demonym| European[4]|
Member States| 27[show]|
 - | President of the Council| Herman Van Rompuy(EPP)|  - | President of the Commission| José Manuel Barroso(EPP)|  - | Speaker of the Parliament| Martin Schulz (S&D)|  - | Presidency of the Council of the Union| Demetris Christofias(Cyprus)|  - | High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy| Catherine Ashton (S&D)| Legislature| Legislature of the EU|

 - | Upper house| Council of the EU|
 - | Lower house| European Parliament|
 - | Treaty of Paris| 23 July 1952 |
 - | Treaty of Rome| 1 January 1958 |
 - | Maastricht Treaty| 1 November 1993 |
 - | Treaty of Lisbon| 1 December 2009 |
 - | Total| 4,324,782 km2 (7th¹)
1,669,807 sq mi |
 - | Water (%)| 3.08|
 - | 2012 estimate| 503,492,041 [5] (3rd¹)|
 - | Density| 116.2/km2 
300.9/sq mi|
GDP (PPP)| 2011 estimate|
 - | Total| $15.821 trillion[6] (1st¹)|
 - | Per capita| $31,607[6] (15th¹)|
GDP (nominal)| 2011 estimate|
 - | Total| $17.577 trillion[6] (1st¹)|
 - | Per capita| $35,116[7] (14th¹)|
Gini (2010)| 30.4[8] (medium) |
HDI (2011)| 0.856[9] (very high) (14th¹)|
Currency| Euro (€) (EUR)[show]|
Time zone| (UTC+0 to +2)|
 - | Summer (DST)|  (UTC+1 to +3[a])|
Internet TLD| .eu[b]|
Calling code| See list|
1| If considered as a single entity.|
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The European Union (EU) (English pronunciation: i/ˌjʊərəˈpiːən ˈjuːnjən/[10]) is an economic and political union of 27 member states which are located primarily in Europe.[11] The EU traces its origins from the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) and the European Economic Community (EEC), formed by six countries in 1951 and 1958 respectively. In the intervening years the EU has grown in size by the accession of new member states and in power by the addition of policy areas to its remit. TheMaastricht Treaty established the European Union under its current name in 1993.[12] The latest amendment to the constitutional basis of the EU, the Treaty of Lisbon, came into force in 2009. The EU operates through a system of supranational independent institutions and intergovernmental negotiated decisions by the member states.[13][14][15] Important institutions of the EU include the European Commission, the Council of the European Union, the European Council, the Court of Justice of the European Union, and the European Central Bank. The European Parliament is elected every five years by EU citizens. The EU has developed a single market through a standardised system of laws which apply in all member states. Within theSchengen Area (which includes 22 EU and 4 non-EU states) passport controls have been abolished.[16] EU policies aim to ensure the free movement of people, goods, services, and capital,[17] enact legislation in justice and home affairs, and maintain common policies on trade,[18] agriculture,[19] fisheries and regional development.[20] A monetary union, the eurozone, was established in 1999 and is composed of 17 member states. Through the Common Foreign and Security Policy the EU has developed a role inexternal relations and defence. Permanent diplomatic missions have been established around the world. The EU is represented at the United Nations, the WTO, the G8 and the G-20. With a combined population of over 500 million inhabitants,[21] or 7.3% of the world...
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