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1. Con is a prefix that contains two definitions. The most widely used Con can mean with as connecting together or with. Con can also mean against coming from the Latin word contra. Contradiction- adjective Contradiction- means assertion of the contrary or opposite; denial. Etymology- Con (against from Latin word contra) + diction (to speak) Control- verb Control means to exercise restraint or direction over an object. Also means to dominate and or command objects. Etymology- Con (against) + roll (move about in a circle) Contract- noun Contract means an agreement drawn between two or more parties for the doing or not doing of something specified. Etymology – Con (coming from Latin word Com meaning together) + tract (means draw) Convince- Verb. Convince means to overcome an argument by getting other to agree together Etymology- Con (coming together) + Vince (comes from Latin prefix victor meaning to conquer) 2. De is a Latin prefix that means not, the opposite of, and undo. Also means from, off, away. Dehumanize- Verb Dehumanize means to deprive of human qualities or attributes; divest of individuality. Etymology- De (not) + humanize (to make human) Dehydrate- Verb Dehydrate means to deprive (a chemical compound) of water or the elements of water.

Etymology- De (not) + hydrate (presence of water in a compound or living object) Defrost- verb Defrost means to remove the frost or ice from an object. To melt an object from ice or frost to a liquid form. Etymology- De (undo) + frost (to freeze an object) Deescalate – verb Deescalate means to decrease in intensity, magnitude, or degree of things. Etymology- De (opposite of) + escalate (to increase in intensity magnitude or degree) 3. Dis- is a prefix in our English language that means many things. It means lack of or not, do the opposite of and apart, away. Distrust-Noun Distrust means the lack of or absences of trust Etymology - Dis (lack of) + trust (having confidence in a person) Disadvantage-noun Disadvantage means an...
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