Ethics Unit 6 Case Study

Topics: Air pollution, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Environmentalism Pages: 3 (780 words) Published: July 23, 2012
Something’s Rotten in Hondo
FLS312: Business Ethics and the Legal Environment
May 29, 2012

George is faced with a dilemma about how to precede with his plants emissions. While both decisions seem drastic there has to be a decision made quickly. His choice will affect an entire plant worth of workers who also live in the surrounding community that depends on these jobs. And on the other hand the emissions are causing pollution that the company would prefer to ignore.

The stake holders in this issue are first the company. They are the ones who are causing the emissions and facing the pressure from the EPA. Their factories are run down and causing violations regularly. Another stakeholder is the upper management of the company. Bill and his associates are the people who are okaying the infractions to be swept under the rug. They are aware of the problems at not only George’s plant, but all the other plants as well, yet they choose to find ways around the EPA rather than address them. Also stakeholders in this ordeal are the employees of the plant. They are not aware of their role in this situation though. They are performing their jobs, and don’t realize that George’s decision can affect their jobs and their town. The EPA is also a stakeholder in this situation because they are being deceived. They have set environmental standards to protect the people and environment. The company consciously making the choice to not follow them puts the environment and people in serious danger. And finally George is a stake holder in this case. He stands to lose just as much as the other employees if he does not make a decision. The decision, unfortunately, is putting him in a position to choose between the lesser evil. Someone will lose in either choice.

If the company were to use the Rights theory to make a decision in this case then they would chose to not break the rules. They would understand that the standards were set to uphold the quality of...
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