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A) 1) What is an ethical or moral dilemma? How does a moral argument differ from a non-moral one. Discuss the implications of the “naturalistic fallacy.”

An ethical or moral dilemma is when one’s solution to a situation is morally wrong but it’s preferred to be the correct outcome to the solution. There are several reasons why a moral argument differs from a non-moral argument.

One of these reasons is possibly a personal choice that would benefit one’s life. An example of these choices would be the need for money for one to pay his or her bills. For example, if a man finds a bag full of money with information inside to whom it belongs, while walking home from work. One of the dilemmas that run through his mind is that as he arrives home he will have to pay his bills. The amount of money he found laying on the ground could not only pay his bills, but also help him fulfill all his needs that he has to sacrifice due to his monthly budget. He could make a moral decision of either taking the money or either returning the money back to whom it belongs. These would be an example of a personal choice benefit moral dilemma for a person who has to make a moral decision over a non-moral one.

Another reason would be ones necessity that would benefit their needs. An example for this would a need of a certain drug that would benefit one from dying. The cost of the drug is approximately $5000 because only one retail store sells it. It doesn’t cost the shopkeeper even quarter the amount to make the drug. One day, you’re at the hospital and the doctor tells you the only way to save your sons life is with that drug. Since the drug is so expensive and you cant afford it, you ask for some money from family and friends but could only gather half the amount. So you go to the shopkeeper and explain to him the situation, and ask if he could possibly give you the drug and you will pay him the rest of the money later on. The shopkeeper refuses and tells you that he will make the most money out of his drug. The necessity of the drug is really important to you that the shopkeeper doesn’t understand. So you consider stealing the drug for your son. This illustrates that the father’s moral dilemma is more of a necessity than of a personal choice. Therefore, he makes more of a necessity decision over a legal one.

Naturalistic fallacy is referred to as what is natural is considered to be good or right and what is unnatural is considered bad or wrong. It is considered to be the opposite of moral. Whatever desired is considered to be found in nature according to moralistic fallacy. There are several implications for naturalistic fallacy that affect the nature as well as the moral habitat around us. For example one of the issues that has been a major debate is homosexuality. Many believe that being homosexual is natural where some believe it has to do with a personal choice. For those that disagree with homosexuality, their moral changes towards it and makes it have a different reasoning, as it is a wrong thing to do. Where as, those who support it have a different moral view towards it because they believe that some are born with homosexuality in them and that is what makes them support it. This is a great example because it depends on one’s view of how homosexuality is where its natural than it’s good or where it’s unnatural and is considered bad.

B) Respond to the ECPD’s requirements for being a professional (the Firmage article).

In general, a profession is considered to be any occupation that provides a means by which to earn a living. There are several forms of work in professionalism that involve expertise, self-regulation and concerted services. Professions require skills and knowledge that require judgment to mechanization. In order to engage in work, preparation to advance requires extensive knowledge in education that includes technical studies in concentrated areas of knowledge. Setting standards for admission to the...
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