Ethics & Social Responsibility in Business

Topics: Business ethics, Ethics, Social responsibility Pages: 9 (3105 words) Published: July 18, 2012
Business Research Report
Ethics & Social Responsibility in Business

Presented to: Chief Executive Officer
Assessment Code: RWT1
Student Name: Valeria Herrera
Student ID: 00217130
Date: May 1st 2012
Mentor Name: Evan Jackson

Table of Contents
Executive Summary3
Research Findings5
The Company’s Reputation5
The Relationship with Employees, Investors and Customers……………...…………….………………6 Efficiency…………….……………………………………………..……………………………………7

Executive Summary

“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing” Oscar Wilde This research report analyses and discusses workplace ethics and social responsibility. The purpose of this research is to help you and my coworkers understand how an ethical and socially responsible workplace increases efficiency. Ethics are very important in our everyday lives. Ethics exist in all aspects and should be followed accordingly. Ethics exist in the workplace too which is what my main focus will be on. The concept of ethics mean different things for various people but generally it is to understand what is right or wrong in the workplace and ultimately doing what’s right. This research is not to teach you how to stay out of trouble or how to make more money. It is about how to take moral and values and engages it on the activities in the workplace. Workplace ethics is the code of conduct which people need to follow in any work place. The ethics in the workplace is what determines the behavior and culture of the people and organization. Ethics is what allows each person to respect each other and for relationships within a company to be strong and to be based on loyalty, trust, respect and honesty. These are the core elements which need to exist for an organization to be run smoothly and efficiently. The good relationship between employer and employee and between the organization and customers are the most important thing to run an effective and efficiently business. Being exposed to business world and with the technology these days, we all know about the Enron scandal. Social responsibility, and ethical behavior were, for the most part something that companies knew about it but didn’t matter until after the Enron scandal. The world learned a hard lesson; Enron scandal is what happens when ethics and social responsibility is neglected. Everyone likes a good environment to work in. Therefore manager and leaders should make sure that their organization has a code of conduct and follow it. The company’s reputations and relationships depend on how they make use of the laws and regulations. Having a code of conduct and laws and regulations in line helps the organization’s reputation. This will be a lot help and educational among employees because it should help them feel safe at a workplace and work peacefully and at ease with co-workers.

This research outlines how the reputation, business relations and efficiency can be affected by poor ethics and corporate social responsibility. Success is based on ethical goals. When your business becomes successful by unethical, or dishonest decisions it will not last. Therefore, successful companies built on goals that include good moral values, mean that the company has a good chance of surviving long term. Also it helps managers, employees, and everyone who is part of the company feel better.


What are Business Ethics and Social Responsibility? Ethics  and  Social  Responsibility  are  used  interchangeably  but  they  are  not  the  same. Social responsibility   is basically a contract you have with society as an individual. “People create organizations to leverage their collective resources in pursuit of common goals.’(Werther, Chandler 2011) There are four levels of social responsibility and can be often use as steps. These steps are economic, legal, ethical and philanthropic. On the other hand business ethics involves...
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