Ethics Review Board Case Study "House"

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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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Problem being explored by Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital Ethical Review Board:

Dr. Yordanoff has passed a referral to the hospital ethical review board concerning the complaint against Dr. Foreman of the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital Department of Diagnostic Medicine. Dr. Yordanoff observed Dr. Foreman trying to talk Stevie Lipa, a young patient (a minor), to partake in an experimental drug called FT-28 with out Stevie’s parent’s permission. This ethical review board is to determine if Dr. Foreman acted unethically to events alleged to have taken place with Stevie. Also, it must be considered if Dr. Foreman acted against the principals and standards by the hospital.

Discussion of the Problem:

Stevie Lipa was admitted to Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital with an undiagnosed bleeding disorder. The Hospital tried to locate Stevie’s parents at first but could not locate them. The hospital later discovered that the Stevie had lied to the staff about the whereabouts of his parents to keep the Stevie’s parents from finding out about his admittance into the hospital. Seeing that Stevie wasn’t clear on the location of his parents, Dr. Foreman had to do what he had to do with out the parental consent when Stevie became worse. Dr. Foreman began to test for possible treatments of Stevie’s medical issue.

Stevie’s parents finally arrived at the hospital during the diagnostic and treatment period. Now all medical decisions had to go through Stevie’s parents. When Mr. and Mrs. Lipa finally arrived at the hospital they discovered the Lipa’s were part of the Romany Society and they had strong ties to the culture.

Dr. House handled the testing and case reviews. Dr. House suggested that it was a Venous System low-pressure blood leak. The MRI testing didn’t reveal and leakage in the Venous System. This left the team and Dr. House baffled. As the team was still trying to figure out what was wrong with Stevie he continued having symptoms of...
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