Ethics of Apple

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Ethical Behavior of Apple
Apple was founded in 1976. Apple and its subsidiaries manufacture and design marketing mobile communication and media devices, personal computers, and portable digital music players along with related software, services, peripherals, networking solutions, and third-party digital content and applications. ( Ethical or unethical behavior in the workplace of Apple as a company has been up and down with some controversy. Apples ethics have been noted as being unethical in the past and recently Apple has been accused of overworking employees long hours and having dangerous working conditions in its suppliers in China. Recent ethical behavior of Apple was the touring and visiting of Foxconn factories in China to monitor the work conditions there. On the unethical side poor working conditions there have gone on for years with numerous accidents and fatalities. Apple has recently done audits of these companies and given pay raises to the workers there. Not until recently, has attention been given to do something about the problem. ( Apples CEO & his personal ethics have affected the company in different ways. Apples’ CEO is Tim cook. He has incorporated his personal ethics into Apple. One article quoted him as being highly ethical while I have seen some instances in the news that show other examples of ethics. It has been stated that Tim Cook has imprinted his leadership into to all aspects of Apple. ( Recently, people have been tying Tim Cook’s ethics into his decision of turning down stock dividends worth $75 million dollars. He turned down what some would call an excessive compensation that a lot of companies have been offering their CEO’s lately. Some say that Cook used this opportunity to show the companies ethics and improve its image due to the current work conditions going on in its Chinese production. It was stated that cook may be trying to improve or make Apple’s social image look better. One researcher had mentioned that Cook’s ethics and leadership were a bad match to Apple because the company is more of a charismatically-driven organization when it comes to leadership;.

Examples of Apples CEO’s ethical behavior have been demonstrated throughout many situations. On Apple’s webpage it mentions the governance and expectancies regarding what ethical guidelines their CEO and board of directors should follow. The board of directors is to oversee their CEO’s and other senior management complies with competency ethical operations on a day to day basis. Apple mentions their CEO should take a proactive, focused approach to positions while setting standards committed to business success and high standards. One example is Tim Cook’s recent visit to workplaces at Foxconn in China and also met with Vice Premier Li Keqiang to strengthen relations with them in a law following manner to also increase honesty in relations. Cook has also responded to emails and complaints to make an ethical I-phone to change workplace conditions by saying, “Apple cares about every worker in their worldwide supply chain”. Cook also stated that any accidents related to the company were deeply troubling and any issue with working conditions is a concern to Apple. (Ngak). Apple’s CEO’s statements show his ethical behavior by acknowledging there is a problem and it a concern. It shows the values he holds as well as the organization to society by acknowledging the problem and commenting on it.

In the following paragraph are some examples of Apples CEO’s unethical behavior. Recently Tim Cook Apple’s CEO got bad press for a bonus package he received. (DeWitt). Some may consider it bad ethical behavior to except such a bonus package. Some may consider this unethical behavior because it could be considered a conflict of interest because it involves a payoff or kickback. Earlier in the year Cook was granted one million dollars in restricted stock units and he got some bad press for the...
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