Ethics and Law

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Health care provider Pages: 5 (1528 words) Published: May 20, 2011
Student Number: 2909073
Cohort Name: 09/10
Course: Advance Diploma in Adult Nursing
Unit Title: Ethics and Law for Nursing and Social Work
Unit Leader: Charles Koranteng
Assignment Title: A Case study of Blood Transfusion
Word Count: 2000

This assignment focuses on Ethics and Law for Nursing and Social work which would be based on a Case Study. The case study which I have chosen is about Blood Transfusion. Nowadays Ethics and Law brings a huge impact on Nursing. The key of ethical principles underpins the health care policies and care practices. The meaning of ethics is something which the individuals performs everyday life. The other word for ethics would be ethical dilemma. Most of the time due to the intense nature of the work nurses may come across with variety of ethical dilemmas throughtout their courses and their professional careers. As a nurse the most important to carefully handle and maintain the ethical dilemmas. Ethical principles and theories is also included in this assignment. Ethical principles and theories are the foundations of the ethical analysis because they ate the viewpoints of the guidelines which can be obtained along the pathway to a decision. The ethical theories emphasise the different points of predicting the outcome and the following duties to the individuals in order to reach an ethically correct decision. however, ethical theories are useful because the theory is directed towards a common set of the goals. The ethical principles are the common goals which the theory tries to achieve in order to be success. These goals includeds Autonomy, Beneficence, non – malfiecence and justice. These 4 ethical principles has 4 different meaning which I will describe in details into my assignment. I will also mention the NMC Code of conduct which will inlclude respect, dignity, honesty, confidentiality, equity, and valuing diversity, all these would be explained in briefly into the assignment.

The NMC Nursing and Midwifery Council Code of Conduct (2010) states that the individuals should be treated with respect and dignity. The health care professionals should recognise and maintain diversity, respect, cultural differences, values, dignity, confidentiality, and beliefs of the individuals they care for. This case study is about blood transfusion, The 70 years old man is refusing to have blood transfusion. The nurses and his relatives are also trying to convince him to have blood transfusion but he’s refusing to have blood transfusion. The reason this patient is refusing to have blood transfusion is because of his cultural differences and beliefs, the health care professionals should respect his cultural differences, beliefs and his own values towards this treatment. The NMC Code of Conduct (2010) states that the health care professionals should listen to the individuals and respond to their concerns and preferences. . In the case study it suggested that the nurse has tried to convince patient to have blood transfusion but he was refusing to have blood transfusion, so it’s very important that the health care professionals should promote choices to patients so that they are aware of their treatments whether they wants to have it or not they can decide. The NMC Code of Conduct (2010) states that people should respect individuals rights to confidentiality and also not to disclose any information to any third person if they are not entitled to it. The health care professionals shouldn’t pass any relevant information to anyone, without patient consents. The NMC Code of Conduct (2010) states that the health care professionals should ensure that they get patients consents before they begins to provide care for them, which means in the case study the nurse should get patient consent before she give blood transfusion so that the patient is aware of their treatment. The NMC Code of Conduct (2010) states that the health care professionals should be very honest...
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