Ethical Scrapbook Part Ii Cja/324

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Ethical Scrapbook Part II


November 29, 2012

Virginia Swisher

Our first questions and issue discussed deals with the subject “Good Samaritan.” We as a team had to decide should jurisdictions have a “Good Samaritan” law requiring an individual to help another if he or she is able. Without thought or time wasted debating one another, we all agree (except Frank) that no there should not be “Good Samaritan” law. We believed that if individuals want to assist when someone is in distress he or she would do so no matter what. Also our team (except Frank) feels if it were a law that would promote vigilantism. Frank believes if individuals knew there was a law that allows them to help others in a time of need, perhaps more people would get involved when witnessing someone in need of help. Within our team, individually we have done numerous things that are considered acting as a Good Samaritan. Such as helping out car accident victims, helping mom change her tire and lending money to our friend to catch up on some bills. We believe vigilantism should not be permitted when the criminal justice system fails. People should not take justice into their own hands when the law does not serve the justice, which is thought to be deserved by many. If vigilantism were permitted when the criminal justice system fails many people would be committing additional crimes to find personal justice for other criminal acts. In some instances or circumstance some people may feel it is necessary to take the law into their own hands to find what they believe to be justice for whatever the crime. Some people believe that if a crime, such as rape or pedophilia was committed and could not be proven by the criminal justice system it should be the responsibility of the public to enforce punishment upon the offender. As a team when discussing the topic of civil disobedience and its effects on changing law, as a group we all agreed yes. Civil Disobedience is a method of disobeying...
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