Ethical Issues in the 2002 Steven Spielberg Movie Minority Report

Topics: Minority Report, Steven Spielberg, Philip K. Dick Pages: 4 (1228 words) Published: November 18, 2011
Ethical Issues in The 2002 Steven Spielberg Movie
Minority Report
Technology is progressing every day. We have come so far in the past ten years. Imagine life in 2054, and what life will be like. That is what Philip K. Dick did in 1956 when he wrote the short story Minority Report, which was later produced as a movie. In the movie Minority Report, a team of officers led by John Anderson (Tom Cruise), work together in the precime division. They collect information given by precogs to find murder suspects and victims before the crime actually happens. Precogs are three humans that were born with a brain disease. This brain disease affected others but these three are the only ones who survived. The disease caused some mutation and that mutation allowed them to see into the future by dreaming. The information they get from the precogs is gone through by Anderson, looking for clues that will tell them where the crime is going to take place. The location of the crime is the only element not given by the precogs. When the location is determined, Anderson and the precrime team rush to the location to stop the crime from happening and arrest the criminal for the “future crime”.

The movie opens with a victim and suspect name, and the date and time of the crime. The first suspect is Howard, and the victim is his wife Sarah. Apparently Sarah has been having an affair and Howard finds out. Anderson goes through all of the images of the crime and decides that he knows where the crime is going to take place. The team rushes there and stops the crime seconds before the scheduled time of the murder. They stop the crime and arrest the suspect.

This act of arresting people before the crime is committed seems to be a serious ethical issue. Yes the crime is seen through the images of the precogs, but the title of the movie is Minority Report. A minority report is when one of the precogs’ visions is different from the other two. Usually the one produced...
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