Ethical Issues in an Organization- Bribery

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  • Published : December 14, 2011
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Ethical Issues – Bribery

In this paper on ethical issues, I will be presenting my perspective on the issue of Bribery in doing business. I will be summarizing three distinct articles from different sources, namely, Harvard Business Review, Bloomberg Businessweek and The Wall Street Journal, respectively. Later in this paper, I will provide some insight on how this aspect of corruption could potentially affect my business project for this course. The three articles that I have used in this paper are varied in their content. I have tried to use each article to portray an example of a potential bribe, the thin lines of definition for bribery, and how there are laws existing in this country to prevent the occurrence of bribery in doing business.

The Harvard Business Review, for a brief time handled a forum in its blog titled ‘Good Decisions’ and in which I came across an article where an IT consultant wants to know if the sales commission that he was offered from a vendor he selected for a client is legitimate. This example is important because the vendor has already benefited from an impartial selection process that consultant did for his client. The controller of this forum, Clinton Krover lists out three reasons why it may not be right for the consultant to accept the ‘Commission’. As he points out, legally, the consultant represents his employer and so any ‘commission’ actually belongs to his employer and not him personally. It is another thing that the ‘commission’ itself may “violate bribery and kickback laws” notwithstanding the fact that the consultant may also violate his contractual obligations to his employers by a potential acceptance of the ‘commission’. The more obvious judgment with relation to this paper is with regards to ethics. An acceptance of the ‘commission’ would mean that the consultant would keep this vendor in his good books for future selection processes for his clients. Mr. Clinton provides an easy self questioning test to satisfy...