Ethical Issues at Patton-Fuller

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  • Published : September 22, 2012
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Ethical Issues at Patton-Fuller
Patton-Fuller is a community hospital. This hospital has been in operation since 1975. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is a small hospital, but it still contains all of the different departments that are a necessity for any hospital. Patton-Fuller has emergency rooms, operating rooms, a pharmacy, labs, many different wards, a radiology department, outpatient exam rooms, an ICU, and many different Doctor’s offices. All of the different departments have their own waiting rooms as well (VOP, 2010). There are also offices for Human Resources, Information Technology, Senior Management, Finances, and Admitting and Discharging. The hospital employees many different employees and has many codes already in practice for safety and ethical purposes. Even with all of these codes the hospital is still experiencing some ethical issues that need their immediate attention (VOP, 2010). Ethical Dilemma Number One

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital has experienced a data breach. This data breach has resulted in the unauthorized access and release of medical records (VOP, 2010). It is obvious that the security on the patient data needs to be stronger. Also, the hospital really needs to find out who is responsible for the breach. A patient’s medical records are supposed to be kept confidential and they could face a lawsuit as a result of this data breach and the release of these medical records. They need to have security tightened and check their videotapes to see if they can find out who breached data security. They also need to try to retrieve the records that were released and have them put back and try to secure confidentiality with whomever they were released to. They need to do their best to try to maintain the confidentiality of those records for their patient. Also, they need to notify the patient that their records have been released without their permission before the patient finds out themselves. Ethical Dilemma Number Two

There have...
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