Ethical Considerations on Plagiarism

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  • Published : April 9, 2007
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Ethical Considerations

Colleges and Universities hold similar views and policies on plagiarism. They generally include a Code of Honor or Conduct listed in their student handbooks. Students are required to sign a pledge stating they will honor their schools' codes. The punishments for disregarding the codes are similar from University to University.

Eastern Kentucky University has an Academic Integrity Policy (Eastern Kentucky University, 2006, para 4). Each student must sign a pledge stating "I hereby affirm that I understand, accept, and will uphold the responsibilities and stipulations of the Eastern Kentucky University Honor Code and Academic Integrity Policy" (¶8). Eastern Kentucky University defines plagiarism as using another person's images, ideas, or words from another source without giving credit to the source or author (Eastern Kentucky University, 2006, ¶6). Punishments range from failing assignments, to class suspension, or even expulsion. The failing grade stays on students' permanent records and they may not redeem themselves by retaking classes (Eastern Kentucky University, 2006, ¶22-24).

The University of Kentucky has a similar Honor Code as the University of Eastern Kentucky, but it adds stipulations for plagiarism outside of college course work. For example, if a student is working as a writer outside of the University and breaks the Honor Code, they can suffer severe penalties from the University (University of Kentucky Plagiarism Policy 2006, ¶12-16).

The University of Phoenix states it clearly that plagiarism is the taking another person's words or ideas and stating that they are your own (Phoenix University 2006, para 2, #11). Also, in the University Of Phoenix Code Of Conduct, you do not have to sign a pledge, but it does state that the student does take responsibility for all actions; that includes the action of writing a paper (Phoenix University 2006, para 2, #11).

Universities handle plagiarism with strict...
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