Ethical Behavior in a Workplace

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  • Published : October 4, 2011
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Ethical Behavior in a Workplace
Why is ethical conduct being misused in an organization? Almost every day we hear about a new story about an organization being accused of ethical conduct. Many of these organizations that we hear about had a code of ethics, policies, and specific procedures. While several people believe that an organization behaved unethically, it was really the individuals acting unethically. Several individuals make ethical choices that get the organizations into trouble. The importance of ethics in the workplace has one basic goal and it is to achieve an organization goal. In this paper, I will be discussing how unacceptable ethics and satisfying ethics can change an organization. For many of us, the principles of good or bad ethics may seem like a pretty easy concept to understand. Who is to say what’s right and what’s wrong? Whose ethical standards should we accept? Once you start thinking about it, ethics seems so much more complicated that it really is. While many people think each day about people with ethical philosophies coming together for eight hours a day trying to accomplish something at work. This leads to the big question: How can people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, cultures, moral philosophies, religions, and education agree on what’s right and wrong? While many people do not understand the definition of what work ethics is, they misuse it in the workplace. Work ethics can be described as a set of values, which involves the right attitude, correct behavior, respect for others and effective communication. Essentially, work ethics regulate what an employee would do in different situations in an office.

There are many that people feel are good work ethics. In this part of the paper I will be talking about the good work ethics of work ethics. A few of the good work ethics are 1. Honesty
2. Dependability
3. Quality
4. Positive Work Habits
5. Positive Attitude
6. Team Work
The first good work ethic...
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