Ethan Frome Summer Assigment

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  • Published : February 16, 2013
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Marina Stenders
Brad Blackburn

Summer reading assignment letter c
Literature often shows coincidences, accidents and tragedies that completely change the course of the story. In Shakespeare’s romance Romeo&Juliet if the word from the Friar had gotten to Romeo before the news of Juliet’s death, they would never suffer from such a tragic ending. Accidents and coincidences are very present in throughout literature works. In Ethan Frome the novel by Edith Wharton, the main character Ethan Frome has a dark past; he lived in misery for most of his life married to a sickly woman Zeena. When he finally faces a little bit of joy in another woman named Mattie Silver, he loses her joyful spirit in a terrible accident and is forced to re-build his life with a crippled arm and lots of misery. Edith Wharton novel has as one of its main themes accidents, coincidences and tragedies. Clearly noticed throughout Ethan Frome’s life story resulting in his terrible gloom. In Ethan Frome’s story, he is trapped by bitter futilities in a small city named Starkfield. The story begins through foreign eyes of a narrator who is new to the city and to Frome’s tragedy. When all the stable horses fall ill from an epidemic, the narrator seeks Ethan Frome’s help to take him down to the train station every workday. As one day a snowstorm struck them and the narrator found himself in Frome’s house where he learned the truth about Frome’s misfortunes. The novel already begins with events that change the course of the story. Such as the epidemic that stroked the horses if it hadn’t happened the narrator would never had learned the truth about Ethan. Or the snowstorm that cause the narrator to go into Frome’s house. These events are not there by chance. They occurred so the narrator, fresh eyes, could get a glimpse at Frome’s misery and begin the novel. Throughout the novel many other events occur so that Ethan Frome’s life is changed forever. One of them is when...
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