Ethan Allen

Topics: Ethan Allen, Capture of Fort Ticonderoga, American Revolutionary War Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Ethan Allen, an American Hero

Born on January 21st of 1738 in Connecticut, Ethan Allen was destined to be a hero. Allen not only helped to make Vermont a state, but he also captured Ft. Ticonderoga, and attempted to capture Montreal. This true American performed many amazing deeds in his 51 years, and even today, he is a known piece of our country’s history.

Allen, a tall, broad-shouldered man always had a love for Vermont which had been know then as the “Hampshire Grants”. After returning from a 3-year captivity in England and New York City, Vermont had declared itself free and independent though they unsuccessfully petition congress for regognition as a state. Between the years 1780 and 1788, Allen along with his two brothers, Ira and Levi, flirted with British agents to compel congress to recognize Vermont’s wanting of statehood. Allen himself held up the possibility of conducting a serperate peace or unity with Canada after the war. Luckily, none of the threats were put into play. Unfortunatly, Vermont didn’t become a state until 1791, two years after Allen’s death in 1789.

In 1770, Allen and a group of rough, roistering men formed an unauthorized militia which they called the “Green Mountain Boys”. For five years Allen and his Green Mountain Boys harrassed New York surveyors, sherifs, and settlers who had invaded Vermont land. But harrassing inmature buffoons was not enough. Allen felt that the capture of the British Fort Ticonderoga was essential. The once mighty fortress was slowly crumbling into pieces, but it was thought that it could be used as a base. Once given finacial support from Connecticut, Allen gained news that Benedict Arnold of Massachusetts, had also been told to capture the fort. Against their better judgements, Allen and Arnold formed an aliance in order to capture the fort. On May 9th of 1775, Arnold and Allen succeeded in capturing Ft. Ticonderoga and later hastened the British evacuation of Boston in 1776.

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