Essential Parts of Computer and How It Works

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B.Memory storage3
1.Primary storage3
2.Secondary storage4
1.Ink-jets (bubble-jets) printers8
2.Laserjet printers9
IV.Connecting To Internet10
VI.Reference List13


Nowadays, running business in 20th century means that you got to be clever about technology. When companies are striving for higher achievements and more-efficient workability, innovation is what everyone craving for. That’s the spot where technology shoots. Computer is one essential breed of our modern technology. However, while the majority of people know how to use computer, they don’t know how the machine works; the technical stuff. It becomes a problem when the technical stuff got broken and almost everybody does not get a clue. To improve our business means that we need to improve our consciousness to computer itself. So, with this guide, I hope we can understand the system of our computer, not just by its advantages, but by its personality too. Enjoy a new relationship with your computer. Computers

For this matter, these are some of essential parts from computer that support its function A. Central Processing Unit (CPU)
B. Storage devices
C. Peripherals

Central Processing Unit (CPU), or called as processor, is the central part of computer, which accepts and processes data into information and maintaining its system (Gilster, 2000). In comparison, a brain to human is the same for CPU to computer. It stabilizes and ensuring computer to run normal. Moursund (1978) says that CPU consists of two units: control unit and arithmetic/logic unit. The control unit gives instructions to the system for executing programs. The control unit doesn’t do the tasks, but just giving orders to other units to do its jobs. The arithmetic/logic unit execute arithmetic and mathematical equations in the system, like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. To work in a constant and stabile period of time, CPU uses a small quartz crystal called the clock system (Shelly, Cashman, Vermaat, 2008). The system clock produces electronic pulses, or ticks, that set the operating period to the components of the system unit. The clock system speed is measured by the number of ticks per second or Hertz unit. Hertz (Hz) is the measurement of speed in data processing. The faster the clock speed, the more instructions the processor can execute per second. For usage in our computer schools, there are two brand options, AMD & Intel. AMD’s Athlon X2 Dual Core, and Intel’s Pentium D 925, both of them have 3 GHz clock speeds which are compatible for our student’s needs in computer. I recommend Intel’s for our school since it has lower price than AMD. AMD has lower heat though in its operation, but this problem can be maintained by putting a fine working fan to cool the processor.

Memory storage
There are terms of measure we need to know that used in byte (B) and hertz (Hz). They are: 1 Kilo (KB/ KHz) = 1000 (B/Hz)
1 Mega (MB/MHz) = 1000 Kilo = 1,000,000 (B/Hz)
1 Giga (GB/GHz) = 1,000,000 = 1,000,000,000 (B/Hz)
1 Tera (TB/THz) = 1000 Giga = 1,000,000 Mega = 1,000,000,000 Kilo = 1000,000,000,000 (B/Hz) (Shelly et al., 2008)

Memory storage is the place where computer store all data and information in the machine. To measure memory storage, we use Byte unit. Byte is the measurement of space, determines the quantity of data that memory can save. There are two kinds of memory storage: primary storage & secondary storage.

Primary storage
Random Access Memory (RAM), is used to open up programs, images, or any details when the computer is on. Its function is to accelerate the speed of processing programs. When the computer is off, the memory loses its data too and will be restarting when the computer is on again. That’s why RAM also called as temporary memory (Stokes, 2008).

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