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Bandler (Indigenous) (Australian) (political)
Key Themes:
* Justice
* Equality

Aung San Suu Ki (political) (international) (non-indigenous) Key Themes:
* War and Peace
Deane (non political) (Australian) (non-indigenous)
Key Themes:
* The tragedy of loss of human life

Reasons why a speech is great:
* Resonates in new context
* Continues to inspire or warn or influence
* Speaks to you as a modern audience
* The themes and emotional aspects
* It transcends its original objective
* It addresses issues of concern to humanity

Theme/Key Idea: Need For tolerance
* Bandler
* “There was a little sadness because I felt the reconciliation program had slowed since 1967” – Establishes purpose * “lightening the burden of that terrible baggage that has to do with our differences”- Metaphor emphasizes the need for tolerance and acceptance of differences * “All rights must now be recognized and its our job to make sure they are” – sense of urgency, inclusive language * “Its time to move the process of reconciliation forward with a little more speed. That is the task. If not now, when? If not us, who?” – inclusive language, rhetorical question * Suu Ki

* “this great celebration of women to mould their own destiny and to influence the fate of our global village” – Purpose * “There still remain many obstacles to be overcome before we can achieve this goal. And not least of these obstacles are intolerance and insecurity * “Without tolerance, the foundations for democracy and respect for human rights cannot be strengthened and the achievements of peace will remain elusive” – UN quote

Theme/Key Idea: Equality
* Bandler
* Why is it so hard to find our commonalities?” Rhetorical question, questioning, why are indigenous different, that should be equal * “Friends what is reconciliation about?, it is about promoting discussion. It is about the rights of...
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