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  • Published : January 20, 2013
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A lot of American citizens think immigration is a major problem here in the United States. Do you think so? Immigration is the act of going to a foreign country to live. Immigrants who flee their country because of hardships are known as refugees. People leave their homelands and move to a different country for many different reasons. Some emigrate for adventure, or to avoid starvation, yet others wish to escape terrible family hardships. However, the main reason has almost always been economic opportunity. Immigrants have made enormous contributions over the years to the culture and economy of nations such as Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, and even the U.S. But these achievements have been made with great difficulty. Many of the receiving countries have restricted immigration to maintain some kind of a society in which all the people share the same ethnic, geographic, and cultural backgrounds. Population movements have mixed effects on the sending and receiving nations. Emigration relieves overcrowding, yet may lose many people with valuable skills. The receiving nation gains new workers but may face problems finding a place for them. Some political analysis’s and politicians say that immigrants take jobs away from people who were already here. But immigrants add jobs to the economy by two ways. 1, they start new small businesses and hire employees. 2, they use the same services as Americans do. So these new businesses need more people to fill the jobs. So if immigration doesn’t add hardly at all to the population and it actually creates jobs, then why do people think immigration is such a big problem (Population Stats. 2)? The wars, famines, and economic difficulties have brought millions of immigrants, legal and illegal to the States. Since 1980, the immigrants have counted for about 27-29% of the U.S’s population growth. All Americans can trace their heritage back to a foreign country, (except for the Native Americans). After immigrants have been here awhile, their children or grandchildren become concerned about the current immigration flow. They forget that they are the children or grandchildren of immigrants (Seigel 7). Sometimes an American may marry an alien in order for the foreigner to live here. Some people do it as a favor, yet others may do it for money. So after the alien gets their citizenship, they divorce. The Immigration Marriage Fraud Amendments of 1986 were designed to stop this. This law states that “aliens who got their immigrant status based on marriage of less than 2 years are conditional aliens.” Unfortunately, this law left a lot of women in a terrible predicament. Sometimes their husbands were abusers and since they didn’t want to return to their home countries, they stayed married and beaten. The 1990 Immigration Act made this somewhat better. The immigrant therefor had to show that they got married in good faith and that they got beaten or treated cruelly by her husband (Seigel 13). “One of the most serious challenges to human destiny in the last third of the century will be the growth of population. Whether man’s response to that challenge will be a cause for pride or despair in 2000 will depend upon what we do today. HAMFUL EFFECTS In recent years, the number of immigrants (NNC) in Hanoi increased every year. Mechanical increase in population has created complex administrative and social order. Schools, hospitals and other public works fell into overload; transport system is congested, especially east NNC also increase unemployment ... That is the situation it is necessary to take measures to manage. CELEBRITIES

Celebrities are made of different types of people who all want to live the rich and famous lifestyle. Some celebrities do everything they can just to be in the public eye but others just accept the fame because they enjoy it. Personally, I feel some celebrities must be mad to do certain things just because they want attention from the media,...
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