Essay: Reality of My Life

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  • Published : September 25, 2011
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Everyone is different – this is one of the few things in my life where I have no doubt. And since everyone is different, then his dreams, ideals and perspective are different. But everyone in this world there is no other perspective than his own. As we try to put a strange place, it only managed to touch the foreign thoughts and feelings, and is quite short. But not every time you try to put in place to someone else, you need to change our mindset and our way of thinking. There is a really a much easier way – books, especially novels. There, all described with such detail like you’re in the mind of the character. In this essay I will try to give you an idea of my personality, and tell you about the ideal and reality in my life without you for holding back a lot of reading.

But before I start, let’s clarify what it means ideal. To help you not to rummage through thesauri dictionary, I’ll try to explain as simply as possible what is ideal: the ideal is the highest goal that a person pursues a lifetime. For example, a musician is to be like another great musician or composer, for a scientist it is a discovery machine, or that his idol was unable to find or build and many others. Now, having clarified the concepts, you will dive into my world of ideals, dreams and reality.

While I’m still too young for full independence, according to psychology I already have dreams and built it possible to achieve. And it really is. Now differentiate objects at school difficult and boring and easy and interesting. It is supposed to be aimed at those who are my easy and interesting. And they are the languages and literature, and some sciences, which do well in the curriculum – Geography and ethics and law.

For languages – yes, normally I’m good. Still studying at the Language School. But not just because I’m good at them. There is something I involve them. I guess that is because the major part of the culture of other nations, and one of my dreams is to travel and explore...
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