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In this section I will create an essay plan. The purpose of this is to analyse what key materials goes into the essay in order to be a successful as key points in the essay could be the difference between failure and success. The essay plan would be helpful when writing the essay as it can be used as a check list as it includes what each paragraph should include.

* General introduction
* Responses to the title

Paragraph Two: BACKGROUND
* To state some general background information (to help the reader to know what the main purpose of the subject is).

Paragraph Three: ARGUMENT FOR (two argument points is an ideal essay points) * The format of the paragraph would be first POINT (argument), Second APPLICATION (Theories to back up my POINT), and then ANALYSE (the argument).

Paragraph Four: ARGUMENT AGAINIST (two argument points is an ideal essay points) * In this section there will be two points in short paragraphs and will follow the same layout. The same as every paragraph it will follow the three step arguments (Point, Application, and Analyse).

Paragraph Five: CONCLUSION
* The first few sentences would reflect on the main points stated in the argument section. * Going back to the introduction to make sure that each points it stated and analysed. * The most important part in conclusion is to state what my believes are on the arguments and which side I will take so the reader is clear of which side I’m on.
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