Essay on the "Lord of Flies"

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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“I’m part of you…I’m reason why it’s no go? Why things are what they are?”(158) In William Golding’s “Lord of flies”, this conversation between “The lord of flies” and Simon and consists of main idea of the novel. Fear that exists in every one of the boys eventually overwhelms to descend boys to savagery. Although all incidents that happened on the island seem to be child’s game, the author uses this as an allegory to compare the island and their society with our civilization. In order to show the nature of society he describes two groups of boys; one representing civilization, another representing savage. In a society where power and status have become dominant, people live with fear whether or not they are on top or on the bottom. Civilization is established through law and order. Savagery is established through the hierarchy of power. For instance, civilized boys regard the fire as the only means to get rescued. On the other hand, hunters use the fire in more destructive way such as feast, hunt and etc. Hunters desire and meet their immediate needs without considering the future. In the begging, civilization is created within the boys by the conch. The conch is shiny and is able to be heard anywhere on the island. It is worthy of attention and a leadership. “This toy of voting was almost as pleasing as the conch, Jack started to protest but clamor changed from the general wish for a chief to an election…”(18) The boys rule themselves and elect a leader so as to set up a society by using the conch. The author demonstrates civilization by using conch, which symbolizes the order, meetings and democracy. Despite the result of the votes, Jack yet is eager to become a leader and shows his anger to the boys. Civilization in our world is much like civilization the boys create; law and order is established by power. The nature of society is founded on the hierarchy of power, which people rely on and desire for themselves. The demonstrated hierarchy of power in the...
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