Essay on Secondary Succession

Topics: Ecology, Ecological succession, Oxygen Pages: 4 (880 words) Published: September 23, 2010
Unit 8 Essay Prompts
Sorry guys that this is so late... I just had to go to sleep. Anyways, this guide is to help inspire you about the essay prompts and provide a little info, you'll have to do additional research on your own. Also, I'll try to bring up better examples.

1) Explain and illustrate with one specific example of each of the following concepts: a) competitive exclusion (Gause's principle)
1. definition = states that when two species with the same resource needs are put into the same environment, the species that is able to use its resources better and more efficiently will cause the other species to eventually become extinct. 2. example = the experiment involving two species of protozoans (pg. 1115) b) ecological succession

1. definition = transition in the species composition of a biological community, often following ecological disturbances of the community 2. example = lichens and mosses are usually the pioneering species that facilitate the land for later species during primary succession 3. example = a forest are that has been cleared may return to a forest if left alone, that's secondary secession 4. R-selected populations usually are involved in the early processional stages and later other better competitors slowly become established in the same place. 5. page 1124

c) nutrient (biochemical cycles)
1. definition = the cycling of nutrients through biotic and abiotic components of ecosystems 2. Water Cycle, Carbon Cycle, Nitrogen Cycle, Phosphorus Cycles 3. page 1139-1143
2) Many areas of N America that were once covered with many small lakes and ponds have undergone succession and are now continuously covered with forests. Give a detailed description of the events (biotic and abiotic factors) that lead to the establishment of a climax forest. a) try learning from prompt 5

b) things that might have dried up lake (thanks to Kevin Do and Julie Pham):...
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