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  • Published : August 31, 2011
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a) Who was the head of the govt. in British India?
ans: governor general
b) Which act became the basic framework for administration in India? Ans: Pitts India act [1784]
c) Name the 3 pillars on which administration depended in India? Ans: the civil service, the army, & police.
d) Which governor general introduced the subsidiary alliance? Ans: Lord Wellesley.
e) Name one settlement each of the Portuguese& French India? Ans: Portuguese: goa
French: mahe
f) What were the wars btw the French & British called?
Ans: Anglo-French or carnatic wars
G) Name the 2 battle that were fought for Bengal for the British? Ans: battle of plassey
Battle of buxar
g) What was diwani?
Ans: it is the right to collect the revenue from Bengal, orissa & Bihar.. h) Name a ruler who refused to sign the subsidiary treaty & died fighting British? Ans: tippu sultan...

i) What did the EEIC do to have a monopoly of Indian trade? Ans: they used aggressive method to expand trade they used navy to attack Indian & rival ships, some times they blockaded the harbors. They even collected till taxes passing ships.. j) What was the difference btw the French & the English east India company? Ans: French east India Company was a government controlled company. Which depended on the French government for finance? Its policies were dictated by French government...

But English east India Company was private company run by a board of directors… k) Why was the battle of buxar fought? What was its impact on Bengal? Ans: Mir Qasim, the nawab of Bengal abolished taxes on internal trade for all before this concession was enjoyed by British. Only, EEIC could not tolerate this & it led to a war... IMPACT: it made the EEIC the real masters of Bengal, Bihar, & orissa.. l) How was the EEIC controlled from Britain?

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