Essay on Renting Hearts

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Science fiction is a genre, whose stories take place in an imaginary environment where science, and in particular the technological development has undergone more or less significant changes with effect on both society and individuals. Science fiction is based on more or less imaginative themes of science results and ways of looking. The topics are often about high tech future societies, space travels, time travels, creatures, end of world, different universes etc.[1]

The short story takes place in the future where the technology has taken over, and where people can buy their happiness for money, and that human now just can go to a rental shop and get a new heart in order to avoid pain

When you fall in love, often you will get or end up with a broken heart. It happens for almost every one, who gets in relations with other people. But in this short story, you can get out and rent a new heart, and meet other relations without having any fear of getting hurt. The short story is about a person that has been in love with a lot of people, and then tries to not getting hurt. When he/she is getting hurt by the relations she/he goes through, he/she keeps going to the “rental place”, every time he/she falls in love, so instead of dealing with some of the pain and letting it get worse, he/she just visit the rental place and rent a new heart. There is no information or any descriptions about the main characters sex, but I would say that it is a teenage boy because he does not appear to be dramatically, and does not describe the actions detailed, as a girl would do generally. The main character is a teenager, since a typical teenager would say “And our love was going to last forever, which at our age meant six months.”

It starts with his first love with Jacob, where he was very much in love with him, and they were happy for each other. “… first heart. Jacob was as solid and golden as a tilled field, and our love was going to last forever, which at our age meant...
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