Essay on Rape

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  • Published : October 24, 2012
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What can teenagers learn from the effects of rape? The victim and the rapist? What had caused the offender to take serious actions? These questions are very serious and in some cases are unanswered questions. Why? Is the first and common question we ask the offender for the actions they have taken? New Zealanders’ react the same way every other nation react to a serious situation if they were to face a person who was assaulted. We should all learn that there is more beneath the mask; meaning no matter what or how a victim shows their emotions there is always more to what they are truly showing. 1st paragraph

Date rape is the most common and now a serious issue that one in three women would get raped by their boyfriend even a girlfriend. Research has shown that women are the main victims that are affected by this particular issue, it also happens to homosexual males but not as often as it does to females. These serious offenses would take place in common places we least expect it to happen. Intoxication is a serious disadvantage that a victim would undertake because it is highly likely that you would get raped when you are intoxicated. Referring to the text ‘smashed’ the character Rita goes to a teenage party that contains alcohol, drugs and teens that Rita does not know and is not familiar with. She is then introduced to a few people she does not know and who are intoxicated. Her abuser was intoxicated to the point where he was in no control of his own actions, so this led him into doing something that had serious consequences and also the effect of this had not only impacted him and Rita but also her family and friends that they both know. We need to see through why a serious incident had happened and look past the fact that what made Don do what he did has a huge impact that relates to what he had done. Date rape is a serious and common factor in society. 2nd paragraph

The impact and effects of rape that a person encounters is a lot more serious...
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