Essay on Little Princes

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  • Topic: Volunteering, A Better Tomorrow, Leslie Cheung
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  • Published : April 13, 2012
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Connor Grennan: An Ordinary Man Creating Extraordinary Changes

If one were to take a survey and ask people around a single question like, “How was your day?” “Good”, can be the most popular answer one would hear in response. One would wonder how many of them, really had a satisfactory day. Many people like to stay comfortable in their daily routine and prefer not to change it. However, one can forget that every day and every second of today counts and leaves a mark for tomorrow. What makes the difference in moments are the ones who make it count. Mary Kay, a successful businessperson classifies people in three different categories: “Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened.” Connor Grennan, the author and narrator of Little Princes, is a good example of a man making things to happen. In the beginning, the reader meets a less mature and self-centered Grennan. Despite the risk of joining a volunteer program during the country´s civil war, he searches for an adventure different from his routine life. The author´s character transition throughout the book encourages readers to become a generation that makes things happen—a generation that expresses love, fuels hope, and dreams of a better tomorrow.

Grennan´s attitude about volunteering changed as he faced reality in Nepal. In the beginning, the idea of volunteering seemed a perfect way to begin an adventure. His first thoughts about the volunteer service focused on making himself seem altruistic. With this experience, Grennan says that he “would squash any potential criticism”; he saw this planned three-month journey as his ticket to balance any other life decisions in the future. (7) Moreover, as we see him immerse in a different culture, Grennan´s strategy of survival urged him to become close to the families and embrace their culture. We see his character change as he expresses every experience from having his first meal based on rice and lentils and...
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