Essay on Fahrenheit 451

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  • Published : June 3, 2013
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Christian Allen

Fahrenheit 451 Analysis
Are you controlled by your government? This is a question that you honestly must pontificate. I read this book and felt the strong underlying presence that people were poisoned by the government and its twisted ways. Author Ray Bradbury shows throughout the book “Fahrenheit 451” how this dystopian society is controlled by fear, the fire department, and mass media.

Bradbury shows how the government rules with an iron fist. Anyone to break the law is arrested and taken away. In the third section after Montag kills Beatty he is on the run from a mechanical hound and two dozen helicopters with great technological powers. He nearly gets hit by a teenage driver who thinks it is funny to barely escape the hound by floating down a river out of the city. Instead of the police showing him getting away they find an oddball person who is in the wrong place at the right time and say he is in fact Montag. The book reads, “The innocent man stood bewildered, a cigarette burning in his hand. He stared at the Hound, not knowing what it was. He probably never knew” (Bradburry 149). All the people watching the chase think it is him and see the hound reach him and proceed to rip the flesh off his bones. This is the epitome of the government trying to put fear into society and put down any thoughts of reading books. I believe the hound that each fire department uses is built only to keep the firemen in check and neutralize any thought of reading books that they may find on the job. This is one of the many ways in the book that the government controls. The government has smaller groups to aid them in poisoning the minds of those who have the idea to read books, one of which being the fire department. Unlike a modern fire department they burn books and houses. In the first section Guy Montag arrives at a house that needs to be set ablaze. This was to be different than all the other burnings because the convicted person was not hauled...