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Appendix B

Selecting a Topic for Your Final Paper

This week you choose a topic for a persuasive essay, which is sometimes called an argument. You research and develop this topic throughout this class, as it is the basis for your final assignment.

Choose one topic from the list of topics provided below. With each topic, you may either agree or disagree with the statement provided.

1. Credit card companies should not be on campus marketing to college students. 2. A consumer’s interest rate for credit card debt should not be based on their credit score. 3. Credit scores are a fair measure to help lenders estimate potential risk. 4. Most Americans should not use credit cards.

5. Renting an apartment is a better option than buying a house. 6. In the United States, we do not need to plan for retirement. Social Security will cover our needs when we are retired.

Most Americans should not use credit cards, which I agree. Because personal credit card debt doubled in the past four years and personal bankruptcies are at the highest rates ever and still more Americans are spending money that they do not have. According to the Nilson Report, February 2010, the average credit card debt per household with credit card debt is $15,788 and the number of credit cards held per family is 3.5. Credit cards are a huge convenience in everyday lives, allowing us to buy products easily online and by telephone and freeing us from carrying large amounts of cash when making purchases in the material world. There is a potential dark side to plastic with some unfortunate account holders getting out of their depth and building up debts that become a problem and cause of worry. The bad thing about credit card use is people never realize how much money they are spending, the swipe of the credit card at the register is quick and easy, but by paying for items with cash, people become more aware of their spending habits. By paying with cash,...
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