Essay on Animal Research

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Imagine not having a choice and being used for testing without having a say; for everyone this seems like a horrible nightmare but for animals this nightmare is reality. Animals should not be used for testing. They don’t have a voice so they have no way of saying no and testing on animals is wrong in every way possible. This is unfair to the animals because they don’t have a choice. Although animal testing is wrong, it is a good way to make sure the product research is safe before retailing it and letting people use it. Animal testing should not be used because animals have no way of saying no and it is wrong is every way.

Animal testing is wrong because animals can’t say no. What if you weren’t able to say no about being tested on? That’s how animals feel because they have no voice. For example, animals are being taken advantage of. Animals can’t talk so the decision on whether or not to be tested on is already made for them. Animals don’t even get to decide things that are being done to them. As said in an article, “Animals are routinely cut open, poisoned and put into cages for weeks, month, or even year” (Ocean Lu Blog). Animals don’t deserve to have all of these things done to them. Animals also have no say in what gets done to them. Sometimes animals get things that don’t belong in their bodies put into them just to see how they react. They don’t have a say in whether or not they can have these things put into them. As said in an article, “Some animals are even given diseases to see whether a new drug will work or whether it has side effects” (Ocean Lu Blog). Animal testing is wrong because animals have no say and it isn’t fair to them.

Animal testing isn’t fair to the animals because it is wrong in every way possible. For example, testing on animals is abusing an animal. No one likes to be abused so just because an animal isn’t a human doesn’t give people a right to abuse them. As said in an article, “Humans do not have a right to use animals” (Lin)....
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