Essay of Moral Values

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  • Published : January 28, 2011
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There is nothing important than discipline, give respect to others and give priority to family. That is Freaky Friday’s movie all about. It is a story about a mother that is hard to get along with her daughter and what is more interesting is both of them are willing to do anything to achieve their own goal.

From the beginning of the movie, it showed that discipline influence attitude and behaviour. This was showed by Tess Coleman character who is a workaholic person and also a fully commitment single mother. It was proven that she woke up early in the morning to prepare herself to go to work and then wake up her daughter’s Anna to go to school. Unfortunately, Tess having a problem to change Anna’s attitude such as get up early in the morning, the way she dress up and many more. The scene showed that both of them has different attitude in which Tess Coleman has a high discipline than Anna who is seems like a lazy person.

As Anna has a bad attitude, she showed disrespect towards her mother. This can be seen from one’s of the scenes where Anna realised that her room’s door was gone and when she went downstairs, she saw her mother was sitting on the chair waiting to talk to her. Then, she just walk straight to her mother and asked her mother about her room’s door with a rude manner. This can be seen as she did not make an eye contact with her mother and talking to her mother with a higher tone. However, Tess’s attitude showed otherwise. Although her daughter talked rudely to her, she still patient and showed her respect towards her daughter by listening to her steadily. After all, as Tess is a workaholic mother, she ignored her family’s importance. As a result, her daughter was act rudely towards her. For instance, Tess was very busy handling her patient and arranging her marriages without concerning her children. This was shown when Anna asked Tess that she wanted to join singing competition but Tess was insisted. It was proven that Tess did not...
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