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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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I personally find all the skills that are mentioned in the syllabus to be worthy of continued practice. Writing, like all other tasks that involve some form of thought needs practice to stay in shape. If I stopped practicing now, I will, more than likely forget most or all of the things that I have learned in this class. These skills are very important in everyone’s academic and professional careers. To be able to effectively communicate through writing is essential for future success. Of the many things that I have learned in this class, the one thing that I feel has benefited me the most is rough drafts. Prior to this class, I have always exerted extraneous efforts to perfect a paper in the very first attempt. I can now see that I was wrong to do so and understand that coming up with drafts is actually a more efficient way of writing a paper and this is my effort of writing draft.

ENG 101
Michelle Graber
Debate over technology’s impact on thinking
“If we can control and polish our powers of attention, then the real question before us in this confounding, fascinating digital age won't be "who are we?", as much as "who do we want to be?"” (Jackson 1) I am mostly in agreement with this statement because with proper control we are able to enhance our mental abilities which thus grants us a better choice and imposed on us by this confounding and alluring digital age. Then again, that is personal opinion that I have formed over the years while pondering over this age-old debate of whether technology has been a helpful and positive influence or a curse that we have brought upon ourselves.

Like it or not, technology is here and it is in full effect. We are completely consumed by technology. Our cell phones these days are basically miniaturized computers and hence referred to as smart phones. We are “connected” to the internet 24/7. Our eyes are constantly glued to our screens during most parts of the day whether we are...
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