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Topics: Friendship, High school, Love Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Lopez 1
Marisol Lopez
Professor K. N. Fullen
English 1301-379
September 3, 2012

Melanie Sheppard is your typical neighbor who lives down the street. Nevertheless when she is in school, she is always on her toes when it comes to her studies, sports, and friends.
Normally whoever comes across Melanie Sheppard thinks she’s a 6’3 tall long hair girl who is a huge fashion geek. However, Melanie is an independent person who gets straight A’s and enjoys being a studios learner. At school Melanie is always on top of her studies, one can always find her being a bookworm; reading books and writing poems. In class whenever a teacher gives out an assignment, Melanie is always eager to finish first. This schoolgirl is so studious, others find her doing extra credit on her own just to keep her grades high. Teachers observe how hardworking she is they always compliment her on her work ethic. Melanie is a very independent young lady who is willing to work alone. One might slightly find her doing nothing, even at home. Melanie is very well known for her artistic mind, whether it’s with words or artistic expressions. Without a doubt Melanie is a creative, intelligent, and genuine independent teenager.

Lopez 2
Nowadays, true friends are very hard to find. When it comes to looking for someone to talk to or even trust, Melanie is an undoubtedly loyal. She is caring, kind, and helping. No matter when or whoever needs a companion, she’s always there to aide. Melanie a bona fied affable person, works well with others, is silly and playful, also faithful to her friends by listening to them and being trustworthy.

When it comes to sports Melanie loves volleyball and softball. She does whatever she can to compete. Melanie has so much devotion and dedication to the game she’s on the school’s varsity team. She is probably not the schools best athlete but she has made it her goal to be the best. Practicing, working out, to even being in shape,...
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