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Essay about HSE Management system.
Element 1.Leadership and Commitment
This HSEMS element addresses the top-down leadership and commitment to create the company culture necessary for success in the systematic management of HSE. Basic Requirements
Management and supervision (at all levels) shall be regarded as being fully committed to HSE by all staff and contractors. They are to be seen as providing a leading role towards constant improvement through leadershiptheir behaviours and action planning. Their HSE performance will be assessed against achievement of annual objectives. Element 2.Policy and Strategic Objectives

This HSEMS element addresses corporate intentions, principles of action and aspirations with respect to health, safety and environment and the aim of improved HSE performance. Basic Requirements
Companies shall have a written HSE policy embodying as a minimumthe ADNOC Group Policy contents. HSE objectives shall be challenging understood by all and consistently incorporated in policies. In setting objectives management shall consider the overall risk levels of their Companies’ activities and shall identify those critical operations and installations requiring a fully documented demonstration that risks have been reduced to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP). Element 3.Organisation, Resources and Competence

This HSEMS element addresses the organisation of people, resources and the competence required for sound HSE performance. Basic Requirements
The necessary organisation and resources to comply with the HSEMS shall be provided. Responsibilities at all levels shall be clearly described, communicated and understood. Staff shall be developed following structured competency assessment and training systems. Contractors will be required to manage HSE in their activities as per or better than the company objectives. HSE communication shall be effective and structured to provide key information to all relevant organisation levels....
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