Essay Describing Your Personal Writting Process

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ENG 101
06 Nov 2011
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Writing Assignment 1

A jumble of mixed ideas all buzzing about in my brain, I look for the best way to organize these thoughts, and eventually, I am successful. That is the basis for my writing process. I would say my most memorable writing assignment, or rather the most fun, would have to be when I was asked to right a narrative story about a little boy and his adventure. Other than the guidelines given about the character being a little boy and the plot being that of an adventure, I was left to my own imagination and 3rd grade writing prowess to construct the perfect story. Apart from an expanded vocabulary and a better understanding of the formatting for an essay, I still use the same tried and true writing process that was drilled into my young mind and produced the greatest adventure story at Felix A. William Elementary School.

For the planning process, I like to imagine that the topic needs a three part explanation. So I think of three separate topics or ideas to describe or explain the topic at hand. Once I have decided what those three explanations are going to be, I then think up my “hook” or the first sentence the reader will see. As far back as I can remember, the “hook” is important to get the reader involved and interested in what they are about to read. Wielding a strong hook and awesome explanations, I then organize those tools into a introductory paragraph that outlines what will be talked about in the body of the essay to come. Using a sentence to describe each of the three explanations, the introductory paragraph now has a hook and will give the reader insight into what the essay will be focusing on. To me, I feel like this method “mentally prepares” the reader, and makes it so that the full concept of what you are trying to express is absorbed or understood.

Once finished with the introductory paragraph, I use these three sentences in the introductory paragraph as the first sentences...
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