Essay Comparing Prometheus to Christ

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Essay Comparing Prometheus to Christ

Prometheus Bound is a Greek mythological play written by Aeschylus. Prometheus was a Titan who gave the gift of fire to humans, fire not only meant little things like heating and cooking food, but it also represented a move forward for humans. Prometheus also gave humans the gift of hope. There is a man who can be compared to that of Prometheus, Christ. Both have mad an enormous impact on the human race.

Although Christ was a human and Prometheus a Titan, I feel they were both considered God like. This can be shown in the fact that both were considered to be saviours to the human race, in the cense that Prometheus defiled Zeus, and gave humans fire when they were near extinction, meaning that they could advance scientifically. They were saved from extinction because Prometheus went against Zeus to protect them. Christ is also known as a savoir, for until his death their was no said afterlife for humans. Man’s sins were forgiven upon the crucifixion of Christ. Both risked their lives for the human race.

Prometheus and Christ were both also known as criminal, Prometheus, for the obvious fact that he stole fire for the humans and Christ for the fact that he committed blasphemy. Both received punishment for these acts, not only that, but fairly similar punishments. Prometheus was chained to a rock, and Christ nailed to a cross. But that does not mean they were bad people for doing wrong, they did the things they did for mankind’s sake.

Prometheus and Christ can also be associated by both being considered healers. Christ was able to heal two blind men who approached him begging to see again, he also cured a man of being paralyzed, Christ told him to get up, pick up his mat, and go home. (Matthew 9:6). The man was no longer paralyzed. In Prometheus’ case, the sickness he cured was human kind from foreseeing doom. He gave mankind blind hope to live a happier life.

The two were also considered teachers, I think...
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