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Topics: Smoking ban, Smoking, Lung cancer Pages: 3 (1032 words) Published: June 10, 2008
In the last years the politicians as well as the population in Germany discussed banning of smoking in public places. Many nonsmokers feel uncomfortable in the presence of smokers. Often they are offended by the smoke around them. As you can see, there are different opinions regarding this topic. This paper will point out the advantages and disadvantages of smoking in public places. Therefore, there is a need to discuss the issues concerning this topic, which includes the following aspects: development of a young smoking society, the risks of smokers, and nonsmokers, as well as medical support. Method

The design chosen in this case is the cross- sectional design. This design will have a look on a collection of data from more than one case at a single point in time. On the other hand, this design shows variation between individuals, families, groups or nations as well as includes surveys for example health and lifestyle surveys. It is lead by those two groups. The one is looking at the ethical side and the other one is seeing the medical development as well as the medical support.

In this case I am discussing ban of smoking. Therefore, it is important to include people who are affected of this topic. To perform this research, I would interview people in the age of 14 – 60 years because they would reflect the measurements which are needed to get a valid result.

To get valid data I would use the internet. Furthermore, I would have a look on the website of the statistisches Bundesamt to get information about smokers, nonsmokers and the young smoking society. There is the possibility to interview people, but I am a student and do not have enough time to do this. Another way to find out something about ban of smoking is to look in the books of law or to ask some politicians about the actual situation. Results

I would analyze the data with a comparison of information and arguments. With thinking logically I would build my own conclusion....
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