Essay Assignment About " Antigone "

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  • Published : October 14, 2012
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By Sophocles

Essay Assignment

Select ONE of the following topics to develop fully in a short essay. Be sure to answer the question in its entirety using evidence from the text. The topic is worth 100 points. Be sure to follow the proper essay form including an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement (underline your thesis statement), supporting body paragraphs (at least three), and a concluding paragraph where you restate your purpose and give your paper closure. Use quotes from the text to help support your argument.

1. A tragedy is a literary work that recounts the downfall of a dignified, superior character who is involved in historically or socially significant events. The main character, or tragic hero, must contain all four elements of Aristotle’s definition of Tragic Hero. A true tragedy should arouse pity and fear—pity for the doomed hero and fear for all humans who are subjected to the same forces and weakness. Analyze EITHER Antigone OR Creon’s character and determine whether or not she or he qualifies to be considered as a tragic hero. Explain your answer completely and be sure to touch on all of the characteristics of the tragic hero and use specific support from the play.

2. Sophocles presents a complex personality in the character of Creon. For this topic, you will complete a literary analysis of Creon’s character. Analyze his behavior in light of his sometimes conflicting duties as a king, a father, an uncle, and a husband. Refer to specific incidents from the play in your analysis and consider one of the schools of literary theory in your response.

3. Haimon might have chosen to kill Creon or to remain alive. Instead, he kills himself. Do you view this as a cowardly act? In your essay, characterize Haimon’s actions in the cave. Explain whether they are consistent with his portrayal in the extended argument with his father. You will need to describe his...
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