Essay About the Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Topics: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Ghost, Ichabod Crane Pages: 2 (792 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Is The Legend of Sleepy Hollow a good ghost story?
If we want to know whether The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is a good ghost story, we have to learn what makes a good ghost story at first.
A good ghost story always make you nervous and scared. To make readers nervous and scared, we need to create a thrilling atmosphere. A dark area with lots of weird sounds (could be wind blowing or the wow of animals) and a few scary details would be perfect to do this. The details, although very small, are the most important in a story. A little stream of blood on the wall, some engraved cursing words on the desk, a weird light… They are “ like ” nothing and uneasy to discover, but without them, we cannot create a terrifying atmosphere. Of course, there are ghosts, but that’s not the main thing, because ghosts usually appear very late, and some stories even don’t have a ghost, all the weird things that happened are caused by some kind of a substance that can make people see illusions, or it is just a bad joke! There are also supernatural and terrifying things need to happen, such as a woman covered with white appears frequently near a house, and even cruelly kills a person, there is always moaning and shouting sound in the house. The stranger it is, the better it is. Also, in some ghost stories, people tell each other ghost stories, which always become true later on. This is foreshadowing. In conclusion, the story must makes readers scary whatever it could.

However, does The Legend of Sleepy Hollow accord with these? Yes, it spends a lot of time describing the environment of the Sleep Hollow. It is deadly quiet, and it is said that there are many ghosts and goblins wandering and the hollow is bewitched, people walking in here often hear someone talking in the air. It also mentions a kind of ruling spirit, the Headless Hessian Troopers, wandering and looking for their heads. Besides, there are many haunted spots, too, like Major Andra’s tree. These makes the Sleepy Hollow a...
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