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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Music is described as an art form whose means is sound and silence. It is the communication through which, a music composer can pass an intended message to the public or to specific persons. The melody and harmony in music is governed by the music pitch. The creation of music and its recording is all what is referred to as music composition. The range of music is on organized composition and its definition varies according to the social context and culture. To many people in their cultures, music plays a significant role in their lives. It becomes an important part of their systems of life. Music is physically expressed through performance. Then music composers can only pass their intended message to the public or to their intended individuals through their performance of music in stage. They can as well perform music and record it in tapes or in disks and in that case be listened to by people from all over and therefore they get the communicated message by the music composer (Kisby 2001, p. 55). Music in an art performed all over in the world. Every music composer does his/her composition for variety purposes. It can be composed for ceremonial purposes or religious purposes. Other musicians do it for the entertainment of individuals. For many individuals, music has become one of their basic commodities and they feel that without music nothing can run smoothly in this world. Among many nations with the practice of music composition by artists, Germany is said to have produced the most competent music composers and performers since the old days of music field. Germany’s character as a significant musical nation has been based on such names like Beethoven, Bach, and Brahms among others. People from around the country flock to music festivals held in Germany and many students from around has also enrolled in the music academies. There have been so many concert halls that have been publicly financed in Germany. Among these being Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden. Music performers in Germany are known for their intensive communications and their availability whenever there is the need for their performance. Several young performers from refugee backgrounds like Laith Al-Deen, Cassandra Steen, Bushido and Adel are coming up as stars of music. In the recent days, the development of Berlin band has been of great influence to the young bands in Germany and the pop music has been put on an international grip. All music activities taking place in the country of Germany, including the works of the DJs which is mainly to make scratching, re-mixes, sampling as well as computer technologies has made them behave like producers and sound artists. Germany music includes Classical, Volkmusic, Germany hip-hop, Schlager and trance among many others. The international reputation of Leipzig as a music city is linked with the Gewandhaus Orchestra based on the concert hall of Gewandhaus. The orchestra performs every year in different locations in the country and out of the country. During the days when the orchestra is in Germany, it accompanies the St Thomas boy’s choir in their performance in the St Thomas church for the creation of the Leipzig Opera House (Apel 1973, p. 34). There have been many performances in the Leipzig city with different minor performers during different events and festivals. Many musicians including the soloists from the orchestra play in different compartment music ensembles. Electronic music performers are on the largest rank of the most influencing singers in the field of music. The featured minor artists have performed in the pioneering of the electronic music and have had much influence on the styles of performance as well as the culture of music in the future of the electronic music. They have made great impacts in the offer of a total unique view point of music to the fans of music in the country of Germany. Among the most influential music composers in Germany is Richard Wagner whose compositions are quite notable for...
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