Esref Armagan: The Blind Artist

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  • Published : February 29, 2012
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Esref Armagan, The Blind Artist
Esref Armagan is a Turkish man born without eyes. He paints these amazing paintings, with contrast and shadows. Esref receives no help in creating his paintings. He uses his hands and fingertips to feel the object being painted; he uses his fingers to articulate space. He is able to scale space with such precision. It’s amazing the detail of shadow he uses. Esref wants to be known for his wonderful paintings, not because he is blind. Esref Armagan taught himself to paint as a child because he wanted to learn about the world around him. He has imaginable depth perception and accuracy; it’s utterly amazing to see this sort of perfection. With the introduction of the new Volvo s60, before the car is unveiled they invited Esref Amagan to paint the car, in it’s entirely, inside and out. When drawing the Volvo he feels the car, then on paper, he turns the object into a raised painting in order to get it’s precision. It takes him days to get the object portrayed in his mind. Then he creates a masterpiece, the car in fine detail. It’s beautiful to watch him work, drawing with both hands and carefully mapping out its mass and location. This YouTube clip I chose was a commercial for the Volvo s60. Most of the clip is in Turkish, it does have subtitles, but much of the content is in English. I like the music that plays as they capture him painting. It really has a heart-warming effect. I did a lot of searching for the right clip on YouTube, when I found this I was just captivated by its sincerity, it’s beautiful brilliance. I also did some research on Esfref Armagan; scientists at Harvard University studied his brain, he has painted beautiful ancient buildings, and even painted a portrait of President Clinton.
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