Topics: Global warming, Mobile phone, Human behavior Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: February 17, 2013

We live in a world where human has a major role in balancing the live cycle. Some people think we failed. They think the Earth is more and more endangered. Others believe that human activities make their lives better than ever before.

The first aspect to point out is that due to science and technology we now enjoy living conditions that our ancestors could never dreamed of. For example my grandmother's living experiences were quite different. I am amazed when she is telling me that she didn't have any pair of shoes, or that she eat meat just for holidays or some big events. I suppose she is surprised by all this modern technology such as mobile phones, computers, even television. Live is so much easier. I don't have to worry will I have warm home when I wake up in morning in winter or will I have something to eat like she did. Nowadays, we have everything – electricity, public transport, good medical service, we use machines to do our jobs and that way we have more free time. Using mobile phones our parents are always in touch with us and shouldn't worry are we in trouble. Furthermore, thanks to human ability people have big range of possibilities. If not in alive, just by clicking on a few buttons on the computer keyboard, we can see the world's biggest wonders. We can visit “black“ Africa or dive into the depth of Atlantic. It is possible to travel through the time and space without leaving your own home. Nowadays, people are flying to the moon as tourists and every day discover now way to entertain themselves.

The other side of coin is not as nice as first. People have done so much damage to the Earth. Firstly, due to industrial and nuclear activities we are faced with deforestation, pollution, global warming and exaggerated natural resource exploitation. We often hear that the forests are the lungs of the Earth. The question is how can human live without its lungs. He can't. It is the...
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