Ernest J. Gaines: a Lesson Before Dying

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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Nancy Hen
English 102
Mr shimizu
A lesson before dying paper
After reading the” lesson before dying “by Ernest J. Gaines the two characters that Really peeked my interest was Grant Wiggins and Tane Lou. These two are in relation by blood. this is very surprising being they are the total opposites when it comes to their characters. So I will be comparing these 2 characters. Tante Lou is the aunt of Grant and tante Lou are the total opposites of each other. Grant is so serious all the time and there’s something on his mind constantly. But he chooses to just stay silent about whatever he is thinking or going through. Whereas Tante Lou is the opposite she’s really free spirited. She takes him and really cares for him even through his flaws. Even through all his obstacles she’s able to change him for the better. He becomes a hero in this story he’s the protagonist in this story. He comes off as being so arrogant and wants freedom, respect but doesn’t do anything about it. But however great aunt tante is anything but shy she will step up. She’s a role model in his life and the black community. Her actions throughout the story show that she has a big heart that loves but also is bossy. She accepts grant for who he is but says hey don’t put your people down. Stand up and use that education your smart let people see that side of you make an impact. Tante Lou is a unique and beautiful person she finds the good things in life through anything. She has a strong belief in god and his good works. Grant goes to church and is religious as well but he seems lost. He’s there but not really and needs direction. So these two characters kind of balance each other out. Grant carries himself as being protagonists throughout the story because he is the narrator in the story. He comes off as being arrogant because he feels that there is no hope for his community. Unlike the others he actually got away and went to college and earned a degree. He wants...
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