Equality of Men and Women

Topics: Ferdinand Marcos, Corazon Aquino, Philippines Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Equality of Men and Women
"There must be an equality of rights between men and women. Women shall receive an equal privilege of education. This will enable them to qualify and progress in all degrees of occupation and accomplishment. For the world of humanity possesses two wings: man and woman. If one wing remains incapable and defective, it will restrict the power of the other, and full flight will be impossible. Therefore, the completeness and perfection of the human world is dependent upon the equal development of these two wings."  "Humanity is like a bird with its two wings -- the one is male, the other is female.  Unless both wings are strong and impelled by some common force, the bird cannot fly heavenwards.  According to the spirit of this age, women must advance and fulfill their mission in all departments of life, becoming equal to men. They must be on the same level as men and enjoy equal rights.    Some scientists have declared that the brains of men weigh more than those of women, and claim this as a proof of man's superiority.  Yet when we look around us we see people with small heads, whose brains must weigh little, who show the greatest intelligence and great powers of understanding; and others with big heads, whose brains must be heavy, and yet they are witless. Therefore the avoirdupois of the brain is no true measure of intelligence or superiority. The Bible teaches that both man and woman were created in God’s image, had a direct relationship with God, and shared jointly the responsibilities of bearing and rearing children and having dominion over the created order (Gen 1:26-28 The Bible teaches that the forming of woman from man demonstrates the fundamental unity and equality of human beings (Gen 2:21-23). In Genesis 2:18, 20 the word “suitable” denotes equality and adequacy yet it is stated in the bible that men is more superior than women but when men bring forward as a second proof of their superiority the assertion that women have not...
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